Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm Baaaack!

Hi there! Miss me?! I've been very bad about blogging as you can see. I haven't blogged since last June! Sheesh!  It's not like I didn't do anything - we traveled to Austin, Texas for a world-wide karate event, we went camping, I went to a couple of quilt shows, we worked, we played, we had fun with friends and grandkids, but life just got in the way most of the time and blogging moved to the end of the priority "need to do" list.  

Last year wasn't a very creative year for me either.  I just lost my creative mojo and couldn't get into it.  Like all of us I had a gazillion ideas for projects, bought MORE fabric and kits because I knew I was going to get to them, but it just didn't happen.  Then came Christmas and I decided to make reusable grocery bags for my sisters and mom and they turned out wonderful and were loved by all! mojo has returned and I'm having fun using up scraps, fat quarters and charm packs that I've had for a while and creating things.  My goal for 2014 is to finish up WIPs from last year (or the year before that.....) and work on kits that I've also had for quite some time.  My poor husband has been waiting for his flannel log cabin quilt since I purchased the kit in September 2012.  Don't worry honey - it's on my 2014 "Git er Done" list!  I promise!

Here are a couple of things I've worked on so far this year:

Happy Camping Quilt using Turnovers from American Jane Happy Campers fabric.  I used our pool table my design board for the layout. It's all sewn together now with a border but I can't decide on the outer boarder so it sits....And my husband wasn't too happy about me using the pool table either! Haha!

24 Dresden plates.  I love the cheerfulness of the retro-inspired fabrics, but let me tell you - by the time I was finished sewing the final one I was.over.them. I'm NOT kidding.  There are 500 blades and they were pretty boring to sew, flip, turn and iron.  Not sure what fabric I will be using in the centers, but leaning toward a variety of similar fabrics as the blades. They will make a very pretty quilt eventually.  :o)

A couple years ago I participated in a Christmas Charm Swap. I made a table runner from some of them and had the rest lying around so I sewed them into happy pinwheels. Have no idea what I'm going to do with them now! haha!

Like many other people in the quilting world I fell in love with Camille Roskelley's Swoon Quilt. I bought the pattern and promptly put it in my "to do" pile. Camille recently created mini versions of the larger versions of some of her patterns, including Swoon and Spools.  I bought both patterns and here is my mini Swoon! LOVE IT! It finishes at 8" and has the tiniest squares. By far the smallest pieces I've ever worked with, but a fairly easy pattern. I can't wait to make some more!

And here is my Mini Spools version. All made from scraps too. I LOVE THIS ONE! The spools are 3.5 x 4.5 (I think).  I am going to do a dark blue boarder and make it a bit larger but it will hang in my sewing room. Both of them need to be sandwiched and quilted yet. Will probably do a straight line quilting on the spools.  You can buy both of these patterns here.

I used this tutorial from Ruby Blue Quilting Studio for this table runner using an Odds & Ends charm pack I've had for a while.  It's a fun, easy project. When I was through with it I decided I wanted it larger to fit my 8-foot dining room table. I've ordered another charm pack and 2 mini charm packs in the same line to increase the size of the runner.

It's been a productive month so far! Check back Tuesday, February 4th to see my projects (and many others) for the "She Who Sews" blog hop!  It's sure to be exciting!


  1. holy cow, when i see it all together it is a ton of work. welcome back!

  2. Hi Denise - love, love, love your mini-swoon and your spools quilts. So adorable!!

    You visited my blog earlier this week to volunteer as a pattern tester, but you're a no reply blogger. I'd love to get in touch!

    Best - Shelley @ Cora's Quilts