Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Roxy!

Today is our sweet Roxy's 12th birthday.  She's my girl. We have three dogs at our house - Roxy, Calli and Lily and they all have different personalities and all think they are the "Queen" of our castle.  Since Roxy is the oldest I guess that makes her the Queen.

Roxy was a rescue dog of sorts.  My sister had a friend, who knew a friend whose dog had puppies and didn't really want them. In fact, probably was going to take them to the pound - so we brought Roxy into our home.  She is a Border Collie / Spitz mix, but has most of the Border Collie characteristics.  As a puppy and younger dog she loved to run and catch a ball and bring it back to you and would play for hours. We would also throw a Frisbee and she'd run and jump and catch it in mid-air too. But her hips have been bothering her these last 6 months or so and she's not able to play as much - but she does try!

Roxy and Calli travel with us when we go camping. They've been all over Northern California and have their own spots in our trailer and truck.  They love to be outdoors. Roxy isn't crazy about water and will avoid it as much as she can.  Calli is 8 and a Black Lab who loves the water.  Lily is a newer addition to our family and belongs to our son Tim and we don't have any pictures of her yet.

These dogs are a huge part of our family and our lives would be empty without them. They comfort me when I'm down and make me laugh when I need it. They greet me at the door every time I come home with wagging tails and lovey kisses. They love their "cookies" and I have to spell the word "treat" or they will run to the pantry wanting one. 

Dunsmuir 2010

 Dunsmuir 2010 in the snow.

Lake of the Springs - 2009

Puppy days with "Daddy" - 2000

 Lake Sisykiyou - 2010

 Calli playing in the river in Dunsmuir

 Beautiful Calli

Lake of the Springs - 2009

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl! She'll have extra "cookies" tonight and lots of love!


  1. Happy birthday Roxy! She looks like a sweet doggie! I hope she got extra dog cookies for her birthday.