Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

Christmas traditions.  We all have them. 
They make us feel warm and cozy and happy and make this time of the
year wonderful and special.

Some of ours include:

I LOVE eggnog and usually have my first glass sometime during the Thanksgiving weekend.

The first ornament on our tree every year is an antique silver ball that belonged to Chris's father, Cyril.

We always have a Nativity displayed to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

We display our son Tim's 40+ nutcracker collection. They are in all shapes, sizes and costumes and he usually gets a new one under the tree.

We spend Christmas Eve with my parents, sisters and nephew eating too much and exchanging presents.

My parents give everyone a bag of new socks every year.  It's fun and silly and we all look forward to receiving them.

Christmas morning is spent with the boys and their significant other and our grandson. Next year we will have a new addition - Little Princess Ellie!

Chris makes Eggs Benedict for breakfast Christmas morning! Yummy!

We always open our stockings first.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?


  1. The star trek universe baby!!!!
    Stockings first
    Too much food
    kids wanting to spend their chirstmas ....NOW

  2. The entire family packs into our little home on Christmas Eve. We open gifts and eat an easy to prepare meal and spend the evening laughing and talking. Christmas day we go to my Mom's for Christmas dinner around 5. Always a great time :)

  3. Your Christmas traditions sound great. Every Christmas morning we comedown and empty our stockings. Then I put the coffeecake in the oven to bake while we open our gifts. We spend the day together just the three of us relaxing and having fun.

  4. As kids, my mom one year that especially tight ($20 budget for 4 kids) came up with this idea to have "snack" food in the living room (we didn't go in there that was for the preacher/avon lady)a small glass of wine and open presents on Christmas eve. Over the years the snack foods turned into serious noshing foods and wine got plentiful, but the tradition stuck and it reminds you how much it's not about what you get but who you are with and why. My dad would read the story of the birth of Christ and we get to fall asleep and sleep in on Christmas morning. We never did stockings but my hubs and I do now and I love them :D