Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring on Labor Day

Whew! What a weekend! Started off our weekend knowing we would be hitting the hardware stores to check out the best deals on a washer and dryer.  Our dryer burnt out this past week - and by burnt out I mean totally glowing, red hot! Pretty scary!  We started out with lunch to give us sustanance for the long job ahead and then headed to Lowe's. Chris wanted to purchase a brand new set because we have the "Whittle Luck" which means that if we only purchased the dryer by itself, the washer would break down within a week.  So a brand new set was in our future. 
Lowe's was having a sale and we looked at and fondled and opened every door and lid on front loading and top loading washers. Did we want a front loading washer?  Well unless you purchase the storage drawer, they are pretty low to the ground and because we were buying a set, the drawers would run about $500 thanks.  Did we want the extra steamer, the dry-cleaning cycle, the less wrinkle cycle, and so on.  I just want to get my clothes clean and dry.  Nothing fancy schmancy.
Next - Home Depot. They were also having a sale and we saw a Maytag Bravos set that we really liked and the price was right.  Except they didn't have them in stock and it would take TWO weeks for them to get here! Back over to Lowe's and the same (original) set that we looked at but a few hundred dollars more expensive. Talked to the sales guy and told them the Home Depot price and guess what!? We got the Depot price! Yay! and it was available for delivery today and they would take our old stuff. 
Now, we aren't able to put our vehicle in our garage because after living in the same house for 18 years we have accumulated a lot of junk/stuff loveable items we can't live without and we needed to make a path for the delivery people to be able to get the old set out and the new one in.  This little project took almost the entire weekend! We would get a little moved and tossed and moved some more and it started to look so good and was loooonnnnng overdue so we kept going.  And it looks wonderful. There are a few bags/boxes for donation and lots of bags/boxes for trash. Still a ways to go though, but that's for another weekend.  AND I did all this with a possible meniscus injury on my knee and waddled around with a cane! LOL!

My beauties were delivered today and are all hooked up and we're on our third load of laundry. The washer is a High Efficiency Low Water Washer - which means we need special detergent - but we will get a $100 rebate.  Yay! The machine is very quiet and I think we are going to really like them!

 No agitator. The machine fills up with water based on the weight of the clothes....I think...
 the first load....can't cover the center thingie....
 High Efficiency Tide!
And we have lift-off!

While we were waiting for our 1st load of laundry to finish, Chris made us a super, wonderfully, yummy late lunch early dinner. Fried Chicken, Mashed Taters and Gravy, Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Baby Carrots (thanks for the recipe Karen) and bread.  Delish!  Total comfort food!

Last night he made a Smoked Brisket, Cowboy Beans and Potato Salad and our kids came over for dinner.  Yes I have a great husband and I ate very well this weekend!
It has been a great, productive weekend, but I'm tired and my knee hurts.  Time to relax and watch a bit of TV before bed.  Chris thinks this blog post was "goofy" (because I had to take pictures of everything) but I think it was kinda fun.  Talk about goofy....see him in the shiny dryer knob?  Takes one to know one I guess!


  1. The new washer and dryer look great. The food looks great and I'm starving! By the way I'm tired out just reading about your busy weekend. You should definitely sit down and put your feet up for a bit! I hope your knee heals quickly.

  2. hahahahahahaahhahaah that's funny, him in the dryer knob!! good luck with the new machine and when am I getting invited over for supper????