Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arrggh Mateys!

Meet my wee lil' pirate. 
This is my grandson, Christopher.  He is the apple of our eye and a whole bunch of fun!  My husband and I had him all to ourselves one day in June and we had a great time!

We went to lunch, then to Walmart where Papa bought him popsicles and a fun water toy-sprinkler.  Then on to Michaels where he wanted an American flag and "nocolurs" aka binoculars.  He also picked out a "cwocodile" to paint for his daddy for Father's Day.

Once we got back to Gamma and Papa's we ran through the sprinklers, ate oranges and then painted rocks and the crocodile.

The pirate hat and spyglass were a giftie from my friend Karen over at sewmuch2luv.blogspot.com.  She made them for her four grandsons when they went on an ocean tidepool adventure one day.  So Cute!

Having fun with Papa!

Running through the sprinklers!

Painting Rocks!

"I want this color now Papa"

I Love his hands!

All Done!

"I Spy A......."

All Tuckered Out!

Christopher is fun and smart and makes us laugh all the time.  
We had an amazing day!  It's great to be Grandparents!


  1. I have to agree with you, grandchildren rock! Yours is pretty darn adorable!

  2. he is such a cutie. just want smooch him right on up :) arrrgh matey!

  3. And he's so loveable so he doesn't mind being hugged and smooched on!

  4. Well all he's getting from me is food and fun and things that will drive his parents nuts!! okay, I CAN hug a kid

  5. Love the hat Karen made! He looks so cute in it! The crocodile turned out super cute. What a nice Father's day gift.