Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

"The Gangstas"
My Dad's pretty cool.  And so is my husband Chris. They are amazing fathers too.  They are both creative and fun, talented and knowledgable about enormous amounts of things.  They are reliable, loyal and can fix just about anything they set their minds to.  They love their families with the fierceness of lions and the gentleness of lambs.  And one of the best thing about my Dad and Chris - they get along amazingly with each other!  It's scary!  I am the oldest of three girls, so I think Chris is like the son that my dad never had.  We camp together, fish together, hike together, collect rocks and shells and eat ice cream for dinner together and recently we even went to the Amgen Tour of California Cycling Race together in Solvang. 

As I said, my Dad didn't have any sons - my sisters and I were it.  He tried to take us fishing, but my sister Lori kicked over the jar of eggs and well, that didn't go so well.  We used to play catch in the backyard when I was growing up and one year for Halloween he made me an awesome robot costume that had blinking lights and everything.  Dad went camping with my Girl Scout Troops and helped serve countless dinners and speghetti feeds when we were in Job's Daughters.  My sisters and I were spoiled when we were growing up, but we were disciplined too.  I had a great childhood. We camped and traveled all over the United States and got to see a lot of this wonderful country we live in.  My parents even were able to let me tour Europe for several weeks with a band and a choir when I was in high school.  It was a trip of a lifetime. Both my Dad and Chris take very good care of my Mom and me and spoil us silly.  But they tease us and make fun of us regularly too and we have a great time together.
Gualala 2010
Dunsmuir 2010
Yosemite 2008
Dunsmuir 2010
My sons adore their Dad and Grandfather, whom they call "Bubba." When we are all together we laugh and joke and generally have a great time. 

This will be my son Christopher's 3rd Father's Day.  Christopher Paul Whittle III (yes there are three of them in this world and they are ALL alike!) was born in October 2008.  He's absolutely adorable and brings the family great joy!  Chris II is a wonderful father and it's obvious that he learned how to be a wonderful father by watching his Dad.  He's patient and kind and loving and the Lil Man is thriving and growing and learning something new everyday.


Four Generations

I love these three Fathers in my life with my heart and soul. They are the backbone of our family, our protectors, our confidants and our friends and I thank GOD each and every day for the love and joy and passion they bring to our family. 


  1. What a sweet post! You are very lucky to have such a close family!