Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scraptastic Weekend!

This past weekend was wonderful!  I spent Friday-Sunday in Sacramento scrapping with about 25 ladies.  We had a great time! Stayed up too late (until 2am on Sunday morning!), ate too much and laughed a lot!  On Saturday night a Lindt Chocolate Representative (who is actually the husband of the retreat coordinator and my friend Jill) presented several different chocolate bars and truffles for us to taste.  Some of them were out-of-this-world wonderful - and I'm not a huge chocolate fan.  Yes I know - I've been told I'm not normal - but I go for the salty snacks like chips and salsa.  My favorite bars were the Sea Salt, Chili and Black Currant ones.  My favorite truffles were Peanut Butter, Orange and Coffee.  If you need chocolate, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Clark!

My sister and I arriving with "just a few things!"
I took several projects with me, but ended up scrapping the trip we took to Okinawa, Japan last September.  We took about 1,000 pictures on the trip - and no I didn't scrap them all (yet) but I did take 176 pictures with me and ended up using about 150 of them.  I finished 33 pages of a 12x12 album and it turned out beautiful! I'm very proud of it.  Only about 700 pictures to go!  I don't take the time to scrap too much when I'm home, so who knows when the album(s) will finally be finished.  Although, I do have a goal to finish it before our next karate trip to Canada in June - when I will have another wheelbarrow full of pictures to do something with!
We each received a 31 Gifts Thermal Lunch Tote as a gift!
Colored Paper Makes Me Happy!
Deb and I in our matching Jams!

Lookin' at my new goodies!

Chris & I camping. Project on canvas
Monday was a holiday from work for me and I spent the day with my friend Regena working on my Chicken Lovin' Hot Mama apron for my first ever apron swap.  I had a great time and once I got back into the "sewing mode" I realized how much I missed sewing.  I haven't sewn in about 10 years but it didn't take me long to remember how to do things.  I did have to ask Miss Regena for help on a few of the trickier items.  Thank goodness she's a patient teacher!  Only had to "unsew" the rick-rack once and remove some top-stitching that I didn't like, but other than that I think I did a pretty darn good job!  I can't post a picture of the final apron yet, because Lori is a blog follower, but here is a peek.  I think the apron turned out beautiful and I can't wait for Lori to get her package.  I hope she likes it.  I have to take care of a few of the tuck-ins and then it's ready to fly from my coop in California to hers in Missouri!


  1. I had fun too and you know how much I like feeding people!! You apron is too dang made some very wise fabric choices and your scrapbook was way past fab. I need to you make one for me!! Hint hint!!

  2. How wonderful to have an entire weekend to scrap! AND your apron is totally cute! Great job all around :)