Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scraptastic Weekend!

This past weekend was wonderful!  I spent Friday-Sunday in Sacramento scrapping with about 25 ladies.  We had a great time! Stayed up too late (until 2am on Sunday morning!), ate too much and laughed a lot!  On Saturday night a Lindt Chocolate Representative (who is actually the husband of the retreat coordinator and my friend Jill) presented several different chocolate bars and truffles for us to taste.  Some of them were out-of-this-world wonderful - and I'm not a huge chocolate fan.  Yes I know - I've been told I'm not normal - but I go for the salty snacks like chips and salsa.  My favorite bars were the Sea Salt, Chili and Black Currant ones.  My favorite truffles were Peanut Butter, Orange and Coffee.  If you need chocolate, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Clark!

My sister and I arriving with "just a few things!"
I took several projects with me, but ended up scrapping the trip we took to Okinawa, Japan last September.  We took about 1,000 pictures on the trip - and no I didn't scrap them all (yet) but I did take 176 pictures with me and ended up using about 150 of them.  I finished 33 pages of a 12x12 album and it turned out beautiful! I'm very proud of it.  Only about 700 pictures to go!  I don't take the time to scrap too much when I'm home, so who knows when the album(s) will finally be finished.  Although, I do have a goal to finish it before our next karate trip to Canada in June - when I will have another wheelbarrow full of pictures to do something with!
We each received a 31 Gifts Thermal Lunch Tote as a gift!
Colored Paper Makes Me Happy!
Deb and I in our matching Jams!

Lookin' at my new goodies!

Chris & I camping. Project on canvas
Monday was a holiday from work for me and I spent the day with my friend Regena working on my Chicken Lovin' Hot Mama apron for my first ever apron swap.  I had a great time and once I got back into the "sewing mode" I realized how much I missed sewing.  I haven't sewn in about 10 years but it didn't take me long to remember how to do things.  I did have to ask Miss Regena for help on a few of the trickier items.  Thank goodness she's a patient teacher!  Only had to "unsew" the rick-rack once and remove some top-stitching that I didn't like, but other than that I think I did a pretty darn good job!  I can't post a picture of the final apron yet, because Lori is a blog follower, but here is a peek.  I think the apron turned out beautiful and I can't wait for Lori to get her package.  I hope she likes it.  I have to take care of a few of the tuck-ins and then it's ready to fly from my coop in California to hers in Missouri!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh Scrap!

Lori, ME, Debra
I'm headed to a 3-day scrapbook retreat on February 18th and I need to start to get my "supplies" together. I should have started weeks ago.  Now mind you I have no shortage of supplies. In fact, I am lucky to have one entire room that's supposed to be my "Scrapbook Room"; however, we recently had 2 of our sons briefly move back home at the same time, each for a month or so, and they needed to move back into their old room.  So MY room turned into a storage room of sorts.

In addition to my wonderfully colorful albums, papers, stickers, ribbons etc., it currently contains my husband's blow-up pontoon fishing boat (thankfully deflated and in its bag), 3 chairs, a dresser, my grandson's toys, clothes that need to go to the Goodwill, items that need to be returned to our trailer for next camping season and various other non-essential scrapbook items.  My husband now refers to the room as my "Non-Scrapbook Room."

The retreat will be held at the Citizen Hotel in beautiful downtown Sacramento. It's a lovely location. My youngest sister Debra will be my scrap partner, along with about 25 other scrappy ladies. Our other sister, Lori, can't attend this year and we are major bummed. Our parents even buy us matching flannel jammies for Christmas every year so we can wear them during the retreat! As you can see from last year's picture, we look pretty cute - thank you very much! Maybe next year I can find some scrapbook themed material and make us some scrappin' jamms....hmmmm....

I still haven't decided on my scrapping project. Will it be our recent trip to Okinawa? My grandson this past Halloween and Christmas?  Finish the Disneyland at Christmas 2009 album?  Karate? My parents heritage book? A little of all of these? It will probably be a little of everything.  I always take a variety of things in case I hit a creative road-block or get bored with one thing. And what does this mean? I NEED TO TAKE WAAYY TOO MUCH STUFF! I drive a Chevy Tahoe and the entire back is usually filled with all the stuff Debra and I take.  We have a TON of stuff.  It's crazy and my hubby just shakes his head when I ask him to help me load everything into the truck.

So...I will begin the packing process this weekend and hopefully be totally packed the night before I leave.  It's going to take me the next week to find and get my stuff together! If only I didn't have to go to my day job.....*sigh*....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm in big trouble.....

So the other day on my way home from work, I took a side trip to Joann's "just to have a look around."  I haven't looked at fabric or notions for a long time and I wanted to see what was out there and get some fabric ideas for this apron swap.  I loved roaming the aisles and seeing all the wonderful, bright, yummy fabrics, trims and ribbons.  I love the feel of the fleece and flannel and velvets.  And....$40 later!...I came home with just a few things I couldn't manage to live without.

Two little fabric bundles (I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with them.  I just thought they were cute all bundled up and tied with a ribbon), two garden gnomes for my hubby to put in his garden.  They have absolutely nothing to do with sewing or this swap, but they were 30% off and Chris likes the freaky little fellows...Quite honestly they give me the willies.  I think they come alive at night and plant the weeds that appear in the garden.  Two checkered tablecloths - which we'll actually use this summer when we camp.  Red is my fave color and I love checks and dots.  A skein of yarn to crochet a scarf for a gift and of course I couldn't leave without the "green" Joann's shopping bag.  I don't need another tote...I have a gazillion of them...but I'm a sucker for totes.  I love them.

Did I get any ideas for an apron?  A few.  Did I find fabric that had me thinking of a million things I could do with it?  Of course!  Like I said....I'm in big trouble....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tie One On and Grab a Hooter!!

Isn't this little "hooter" the cutest thing! too can have your very own Owlie Pincushion.  Just pop on over to my blogger buddy Karen's Etsy Shop - Sew Much 2 Luv - and grab your very own.  The Grand Opening is today!
Karen will also have beautiful, handmade aprons and ID/Business card wallets and is working on getting those "in the store" right now. 
So....tie one one (an apron that is) and grab a hooter while you're at it!