Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Was I Thinkin'?!

I am totally so not computer geekish at all, yet today I have entered the new adventure of blogging.  Seriously? Like I have time for this!  But I wanted to join an apron swap that my friends Regena and Karen are doing and one of the rules to participate - you must have a I go.  I'm going to treat this like a journal and maybe someday my sons and grandson will be interested in what I did during my life! I haven't a clue where to begin!


  1. Good golly miss molly!!! Your bio is hugemongous!!
    I like this background, it suits you, but once you get going we can play with it!! :-)
    Welcome to the blogosphere!!

  2. YeeHaw! Welcome to bloggy land! We will be expecting great things from you :) No pressure :)

  3. hahahahahahahahahhaha no pressure? hahahahahahaahaha

  4. totally glad to see you join the ranks of blog land. We were all new at one time!